About James

My Story

I guess this all started when I was working the summers in high school for a landscaping company. I always enjoyed working and playing outdoors with friends and family. Whether it was a pool party, a summer BBQ, or just relaxing in some chairs around a fire pit I was usually the one planning and hosting.

As I entered the housing market as a homeowner I really began to focus on making sure that I always had an outdoor living space to enjoy for me and my family. Since my wife, Rachel enjoys her fresh vegetables we always had a small to medium-sized garden no matter where we lived and our new house is no different except that since we are older we have opted for elevated garden beds and to do more planning of projects for contractors instead of always doing it on our own.

Why I Want to Help People

I wanted to have this website as a resource for other homeowners to learn and hopefully be inspired to look at projects that can be done in their own backyards that can boost their lives and give them a space they can enjoy and be proud to invite friends and family over.

The backyard is often underserved as a family space because only minimal things are done to it such as tossing out a picnic table or a BBQ grill and calling it a day. You deserve a space you can sit down and relax with a cup of coffee in the morning when the sun is just coming up or sipping some wine in a cozy space after the sun has gone down.

The Goal of Our Site

My goal with this website is to provide you with ideas and information on projects that you can do that will make your backyard a truly livable outdoor space. I will also share our experiences with our currently planned projects and take you along to share in our wins and give you advice on how not to repeat our losses.