How Many Cushions Will Fit in a Deck Box?

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When I saw this question pop up, I didn’t know how to respond. There is no one answer to this question. That doesn’t mean I won’t try my very best to answer it. Ha! 

Deck boxes are a great way to store your cushions and keep them protected from the elements. So how many cushions will fit in a deck box?

How many cushions will fit in a deck box depends on the size of the box and the size of the cushions, as well as what you will do to get those cushions inside. 

Confused? You’re probably pretty clear on the first portion, but I’ll need to explain the second portion. So just keep reading! 

Step one is to measure your cushions.

Width, depth, and height/thickness are what we use when measuring cushions. Measure in square not diagonally.

Measure from one edge of the cushion to another edge with a tape measure or ruler (in inches). If your cushion has rounded edges, then don’t bother with the actual curvature. Just measure it as if that wasn’t an issue. If your cushions are compressed on one side, always choose the thicker side for measuring.

Measure Width

Note down these measurements on a sheet of paper and add them up for all four sides of each cushion. Add these numbers together for total square footage (square inches). Note down this number on a sheet of paper and any other features that may affect how many cushions fit into a deck box such as logo placement or button holes etc…

Knowing the largest sizes for each (width, depth, and height/thickness), use the highest measurement as your base example.

How much effort will you put into reducing the space cushions take up?

Ever vacuum-sealed anything? I have. I’ve also received materials that were vacuum-sealed. It takes up a lot less space when you do this. Also, vacuum-sealing your patio cushions helps shield them from pests, moisture, and dirt.

Before you seal them, make sure your patio cushions and other fabric items are completely clean, dry, and mildew-free. You must professionally clean some types of cushions or covers. Most, you can simply air out the cushion while using a washing machine for the covers. You may feel comfortable just spot-cleaning and airing everything before storing.

Did You Know Doggie

Did you know?

Storing damp cloth or foam will encourage mold and your cushions will smell musty when you unpack them, no matter how you store them.

You can purchase specialized storage containers made for vacuum-sealing or place the cushions in a tough plastic bag. Use your domestic vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. So long as you’ve followed our instructions, vacuum-packed bedding is safe from dampness and odors. Doing this can help take up less space in a storage container like a deck box.

Be careful when you choose your deck box.

Consider whether you need access to the contents of your deck box. If so, then look for one that has removable lids or doors – it’ll make getting into it easier when necessary!

Deck boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Companies can make them of plastic, metal, or wood.

When you are trying to figure out what size you should get, don’t forget to include depth, width, and height in your measurements. Leave a little extra space for pillows and blankets.

Deck box sizing is correlated to how much it stores and is measured in gallons. Deck boxes were originally used on fishing boats and sized to determine how many gallons of fish could be stored and transported and those sizing measures have carried through to today. The larger the gallon size, the more the box holds. Be sure to also pay attention to deck box dimensions when shopping to make sure it fits in the space you need it to. Here’s a rundown on deck box sizes by gallons to be aware of:

  • Small deck boxes store up to 50 gallons, which hold a hose, towels, or outdoor pillows.
  • Medium deck boxes hold between 51 to 99 gallons to hold a hose, some gardening supplies, or a full set of cushions.
  • Large deck boxes hold between 100 to 149 gallons and hold all of your pool maintenance tools and some toys or a larger number of cushions.
  • Extra large deck boxes hold 150 gallons or more and can store practically anything you might use outside.
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Some are small enough to hold just one cushion, while others are large enough to hold several cushions. The size of your deck box will depend on how many cushions you want to store in it, as well as how much space you have available for storage.

A lot of these storage containers measure their space in either cubic feet or gallons. But I’ve usually always found dimensional measurements as well. If you plan to purchase things online and can’t take your tape measure to be absolutely sure, go by the individual website’s guidelines.

Here’s to hoping you make the correct choice!

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