How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have? (Beginner’s Guide)

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Did you ever wonder why hot tub advertisements focus on the number of jets in a hot tub? I mean, if you are only one body, how many jets can possibly do you any good? It begs the question, how many jets should a hot tub have, and does it matter?

Most small hot tubs have 8 – 12 jets, medium or midsized hot tubs have up to around 24 jets and large hot tubs can have all the way up to 50 jets. The sweet spot for the number of jets is around 30. However, the number of jets in a hot tub doesn’t always equate to the quality of its massage. 

When it comes to hot tubs, the number of jets isn’t as important as other features that are related to those jets. I’ll cover them all, just keep reading! 

How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have?
Make sure you get the right amount of jets for your needs.

How Many Jets Do Hot Tubs Have? Size Matters

Most professionals in the field of pools and hot tubs will tell you that you shouldn’t have over 30 jets for each pump. We have a standard MAX 8-person Viking Spa Regal and it has 31 jets placed perfectly for where we need them. 

Your hot tub’s size matters. If you have a smaller hot tub with fewer seats, the massage action of those jets will be more intense. It can definitely outperform a larger hot tub that has more seating. Why? Because the power is focused on those seats with the jets and the massage is going to be thorough in the smaller unit while less intense in larger tubs.

Also, jets are different with different functions. Some pulsate the water while others rotate the water, and others are adjustable so the person enjoying can send the water in a different direction. Inside the jets, there may be different nozzles that manipulate the water, too. Each of these movements of the water can mimic a massage. 

In a Hot Tub, Are More Jets, Better?

More jets in a hot tub does not always make the hot tub better. The idea behind a hot tub is getting that perfect massage for either relaxation or for helping with an aching body – or both. The power and intensity of that massage are affected by the number of jets you have. 

Too many jets can reduce the water and power available to the other jets in your hot tub. Not to mention, if you have five very focused jets placed where you need the massage most – they are going to be more effective than 20 jets in your seat on minimal flow. 

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Did You Know?

Horsepower is the rate of power that a pump uses, not the amount of water that it moves. So when shopping for a hot tub, remember to look at the massage pump’s flow rate instead. This is measured in GPM (gallons per minute) or LPM (liters per minute).

How Do Pumps Affect a Hot Tub Massage?

The flow rate and pressure put on the water by a pump are what actually make your massage happen. A circulation pump just circulates the water and usually moves water slowly at 25-40 GPM. But the massage pumps or variable-speed pumps move anywhere from 100GPM to the most powerful which is about 260GPM. 

The higher your flow rate, the more intense your massage. Most main jets are going to have a pump that delivers around 140-180 GPM but can go up from there. 

How Can Jet Placement Affect Your Massage?

Well, if the jets are just placed haphazardly around the hot tub and they aren’t hitting your body where they’re needed, they won’t do you much good. Experts say the jets should reach a larger surface area at the shoulders and hips and a narrower surface area down the back. 

In other words, the jets should push water along the natural curves of the body. And that also means the size of the jet matters. The larger muscle groups (which generally need the most attention) will need the larger jets. Also, you may want to be sure the right type of jets are placed where you need them (pulsating, directional, or rotating flow of the water) to give you the preferred type of massage where it’s needed. 

Some people need more massaging on their lower to middle back, others to the neck and shoulders, and still others on their feet and legs. So, when choosing a hot tub, be sure to consider where you’ll need the most hydrotherapy to occur, and be sure there are plenty of jets available in those areas and that the pumps involved can give you a strong flow rate.  

In Conclusion

I guess the reason I wrote this article is that I used to be one of those new shoppers going into a recreation dealership and having things thrown at me left and right. 

  • It has so much horsepower! 
  • It had bunches of jets! 
  • Just look how big this puppy is! 

Come to find out, a lot of those things that are hyped up by marketing aren’t really that important. What you really need to understand is the placement of the jets (especially where YOU want to be seated) and the flow rate of those massage pumps. Those are the things that are most important – not the number of jets or the horsepower. 

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