Viking Spa Hot Tub Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Viking Spas is a 3rd generation, family-owned, an American company. They started out by selling the first affordable portable round spa. Since then, they have followed a mantra of keeping things simple. Even today, they only sell 8 models. 

I would definitely recommend the purchase of a Viking Spa brand hot tub if you’re looking for a quality mid-range hot tub that delivers on durability, features, excellent components, customization, and energy efficiency. 

If you want to know my experience, and honest opinions about owning a Viking Spa hot tub (we own a Regal model), be sure to fully read our hot tub review. I really hope everyone else’s experience with a Viking hot tub is as positive as mine has been. 

Viking Spa Review
Viking Spas was a good choice for us

Are Viking Spa Hot Tubs Good Quality?

Viking Spas hot tubs are made to be from mid-grade to just a couple of premium-grade models. They cost less, but they seem to be of good quality. The company uses good quality components and focuses on insulation when it comes to its larger models. This means they are both durable and somewhat energy efficient. 

The shell has a lifetime warranty and is slip-resistant. The cabinet is made of some sort of poly-wood that looks gorgeous but more importantly, is very durable. They claim that all of their parts come from companies that are leaders in quality and reliability – the main components are sourced from a company that has been around for over 30 years. 

Each model of hot tub comes in a variety of power options such as additional pumps, 240v, and a plug-in-play option.

As far as I can tell, the company stands behind its products, providing great warranties, including a lifetime warranty on the shell. I imagine that so long as you keep up your maintenance on these hot tubs, they definitely could last that long.

What Are the Features of a Viking Spa Hot Tub?

When it comes to choices, the Viking Spa company actually provides a “Build-Your-Own” feature that is very helpful. The main company can also direct you to the closest dealership that sells its product. You can order what you want and have it delivered to a professional installer. 

Features depend on the model you choose. I can tell you that we have led lights, a small waterfall, Bluetooth sound system, and the jets are spot-on for a good massage. The main jets are individually adjustable; not only in direction but the power of the flow. If you are wondering how many jets you should have in your hot tub, you can read my article about how many jets a hot tub should have.

There are two targeted therapy seats that deliver the most jets and have a great set of neck jets with a comfy headrest.

Did I mention the slip-resistant shell, warranty, and maintenance-free cabinet? 

What Do We Like About Our Viking Spa Hot Tub?

I was just blown away by the customer service of the company we used, and if this is indicative of all of their dealers, Viking Spa is upholding their quality. The dealer directed us to the best spa for our needs, helped with financing, helped with permitting, delivered and installed the unit, and then even gave us a nice tutorial. 

The hot tub itself comes with a slip-resistant material on the inside that makes it a lot safer for someone like me, who can be a klutz. And these shells come with a Lifetime Warranty. The cabinet is not wood but looks and feels like it. I’m guessing it’s a type of Polywood that is very durable.

I was worried about how much the hot tub was going to add to my energy bill. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Would you like to know what the company says about its energy efficiency? This is from their website:

Made in Michigan but sold everywhere, Viking knows the importance of designing a product that will adapt to the harshest conditions.  All Viking spas have passed and are listed on the California Energy Commission (CEC) website.  This test is the most stringent energy test in the spa industry and all of our spas meet or exceed these standards.  Be sure to look into our Arctic Package to provide the most energy-efficient Viking your money can buy.    

As for my opinion, we had a higher electric bill when it was first installed, but that electric bill has not gone up any more than the baseline and has actually come down by a few dollars as we’ve moved into warmer weather. That makes sense, after all, the water stays heated more consistently. 

So far, it had to be reset once, because the touch screen locked up. I’m hoping that is not an issue that causes any future problems. We did some troubleshooting and simply reset the unit. That took maybe five minutes. 

What Do We Dislike About Our Viking Spa Hot Tub?

I believe the only complaint I’ve had thus far is that the side seats are kind of uncomfortable for me. Now, I’m fluffy, right? So the side seat comfort being less than ideal should be expected. But the corner seats that don’t have the specialty jets? Those are actually kind of big for me and I sometimes have a tough time with floating up and having to wedge my feet somewhere to keep that from happening.

The only other Viking hot tub problems we have experienced so far have been the control touchpad not accepting our touches when wet and being able to fully drain the hot tub during water changes. They are not horrible issues to deal with, but it has caused some frustrating moments when trying to care for and operate our hot tub.

We have created a basic troubleshooting guide that we are following for our Viking Spa and so far have had success in fixing the minor issues we have had.

In Conclusion

I feel like we got a wonderful machine when we chose a Viking Spa hot tub. We did our research on what the best base patio would be for it, had professionals run the electrical, and had a wonderful team come out to install the unit and show us how to handle it. 

I’ve gone through a bunch of reviews on Viking Spa for this article and most reviews are positive – one of the reasons we bought in. We have enjoyed it both in winter and in spring at least weekly, if not more often. Our energy bill has not fluctuated more than the initial rise when it was installed.  

As of right now, I would definitely recommend this brand when you choose your own hot tub for your backyard outdoor living space. I’m not sure what the future may bring, and I will be happy to update my article if we run into any issues. 

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