What Can I Do with Space Behind My Backyard Shed? (Answered)

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There are many uses for the space behind your shed. Depending on the size and positioning of this space, you can come up with versatile and useful additions to your property. I want to give you some suggestions for that.

Developing the space behind your shed depends on your available space and what is around. You can add a structure, a sitting area, a planting area, or more storage. Those are just a few ideas. 

We’re about to get a shed in our backyard, and the placement should leave enough room between it and the fence to provide space for something. We previously had a shed in our backyard and always made the most of the space. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what matters when you go into this project and some ideas about the area. 

What Is Behind Your Shed?

Before you can even plan, you need to be aware of the space available. It would help if you went back there, walked around in it, and measured it. Be sure that nothing can obstruct your plans (like a tree, roots, a fence, or even clothes drying poles or a well). 

You also want to know what that space is close to. What if you already have something back there? What if it’s close to your house or garage? Perhaps your shed is very close to the actual fence on the property line.

Even if there isn’t a fence, if the shed is close to the property line, it’s best to know. You may need to get your neighbor’s permission to do anything if that’s the case. 

It’s nice to get the neighbor’s permission, no matter what. It just keeps everything, well, neighborly. And sometimes, you might actually help the neighbor by building back there. A planter or small garden would be lovely to look at. If you add a social area, your neighbor might add to it, and you could both use it. 

Something many people overlook, especially if this is close to a fence, is the pet and kid situation. Pets are great, but usually, if you have a fenced-in backyard, it’s so your pets can run around and enjoy. That also goes for kids. If you build certain things against that fence, a kid or a pet could climb over it.

Once you’ve prepared the space, get everyone on board with the plans. If you know that the project won’t lead to problems with pets and little humans, it’s time to move on to what you’re going to do. 

Make a Planter or a Greenhouse Behind Your Shed 

If you don’t have a backyard or space to grow plants but have a shed, you can create a small garden area. And over winter, you can make it into a greenhouse space. Now, these are two different things, so let me explain.

If you want a garden or to set up planters or a flower and herb garden, that’s just a matter of doing it. The soil will need to be upturned if you plan to garden traditionally. If you use raised beds or containers, they need to be placed. In most cases, this could beautify that area.

Make sure the plants you choose for the space can actually grow in the conditions (shade or sun). 

Putting up a greenhouse behind your shed might not beautify the space, but it can be very practical. Over winter, a greenhouse is invaluable. And just like any other shed addition or extension, it can be very inexpensive to add. 

Add a Sitting Area Behind Your Shed 

Adding a sitting area behind your shed is a great way to make the most of your backyard space. If it’s an ample enough space, you can settle chairs and a small table there.  

Having a quiet sitting spot behind a shed can provide an area where you can relax and enjoy nature. Typically, behind a shed is away from the activity in the rest of the yard. Often, this space is close to the fence or property line.

Sometimes, that means it’s closer to nature. Some people I know installed hammocks behind their shed so they could really relax back there, away from the noises and activity closer to their house. 

If your yard and the backyard neighbor’s yard come together at the edge of this space, and you get along with your neighbor, work together. Ask if they want a shared sitting space behind your shed. They can pitch in with you, and maybe instead of a quiet zone, you’ll wind up with a social location that everyone can enjoy.

Make a Hideaway for Kids and Pets

Creating a hideaway for kids and pets in the space behind your shed is a great way to ensure your kids have an area of their own. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. I have seen people use extra building supplies to make a lean-to against the shed for their kids. I’ve seen someone use a tent. I’ve also seen someone build a small “clubhouse” for their children behind the shed. 

Why does this matter? It provides the kids with a place away from the adults. It also might be an excellent place to be alone and outside, with fresh air and a quiet place to read, write, or play. This little spot can easily have electrical if your shed has electrical. 

For pets, this could act as a nice hidden place for resting while out in the yard. If the pet knows this space is available, it can use it as shelter if it’s outside when the weather gets bad. If it’s behind a shed with electrical, you can use lights and heating lamps for animals to keep them warm in cold weather. 

A Place for a Chicken Coop 

You need to be sure that you have room for a chicken coop. If you’re looking for a place to put a chicken coop, your shed may be the perfect spot. This is where those measurements come in handy. Having the coop near an electrically wired shed can also be beneficial during the winter in case you need power for heating. 

Make the Space into Storage 

By building a shed extension, you can add more storage to the back of your shed. Like any other of my suggestions, which include adding a bit of construction to the back of a shed, this idea is super simple and helpful. And your design depends on what you want to store. 

If your shed is already near a sturdy enough fence, you might already have one wall available. You can use old pallets, plywood, and 2x4s to make a frame and add plastic sheeting. You can also go all out and make it like an add-on room.

This way, you can store lawn equipment you don’t want to keep inside the shed. This space might be excellent for stacking firewood that you should store in a nice, dry spot until it’s needed. 

In Conclusion

In our cases, at one time, I added a small herb garden for plants that needed less sunlight since the space was shady. Another time, we barely had any room between the shed and the wooden fence. So, we used the area to store wood. 

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for the space behind your shed. I know I have yet to cover everything. If you have any suggestions, please let us know, and we might add those as well.

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