What is the Turbo Cool Patio Cooling System? (Explained)

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I’m from the Southern United States, and summer days can get hot and steamy. It’s so extreme that I sweat you can walk out the door in mid-summer and within 3 seconds you are covered in a sheen of perspiration. I wish I had heard of Turbo Cool Patio Cooling systems a long time ago! 

A turbo cool system uses high pressure to push water through jet nozzles that only allow 5-micron particles to escape, which creates a very fine mist to cool the ambient temperature in the area. They are expensive, but well-made and efficient systems for cooling outdoor living spaces.   

So, what I have gathered from researching this system is that it’s similar to a misting system, but the water droplets are much smaller and therefore it eliminates some of the problems left by using those systems. If you want to learn more about this cooling system for your outdoor living space, just keep reading. 

How Does a Turbo Cool System Work? 

According to what I have researched, the system is not an air conditioner. Instead, it atomizes water droplets to 5 microns and pushes them out into the local area. It cools everything in that area by 10° – 20°. The droplets are so small that they evaporate quickly, leaving no moisture behind. 

How does this happen? Well, there is a pump that compresses the air used to 1000psi. That compressed air is then used to push water through a nozzle. These jet nozzles only allow particles of 5 microns or below through their openings. From there, this mist is pushed through high-velocity fans into the area you want to cool. 

Most units actually come in handy during the winter as well. The units have not only fans but also a heating unit in the middle. So, these units cool the air for hot weather and warm the air when the weather turns cold, so you can then use your outdoor living space year-round.  

Where Are These Systems Installed?

Turbo cooling systems can be installed as boxed units wherever you want. I’ve seen them placed on the ceiling, near the ceiling. The fans are pointed to where you need the cooling to occur. I think up higher up is the best placement, so that the moisture then falls over your outdoor living space. 

They can also be placed under your awning, umbrella, pergola, or gazebo roof. I’ve also seen them affixed to an exterior wall with a system that allows you to adjust the fans in whatever direction you want them to push their mist. 

In some cases, the units can be incorporated into the ceiling of your sunroom or lanai. These are mounted flush so they don’t take away from your aesthetic. It really just depends on the design of your outdoor space and the willingness of the contractor you hire. Just keep in mind that the more elaborate you want the design, the higher the cost may be. 

How Much of an Area Can Each Turbo Cool System Cool?

The largest units can cool 400sqft – 625sqft. The mid-sized units can cool 300sqft – 400sqft. The smallest units can cool 125sqft – 180sqft. Most distributors have a design team that can help you understand placement and suggest how many of the units you will need for getting the maximum coverage.  This can be done remotely or if you have a distributor in your area, they can come out and take measurements and discuss your options in person. 

On Average How Much Does a Turbo Cool System Cost? 

The companies that install these misting systems are pretty loud about claiming that it uses 90% less electricity than traditional air conditioning units. The distributors also claim that you will not notice a large change in your water usage because these nozzles only dispense half of a gallon of water per hour. 

As to the initial cost of the system – wow, they are very expensive in my opinion. It depends on the square footage you mean to cool and how many units you’ll need. But when the FAQ tells me that “Turbo Cool starts as low as $5,995 installed,” I have to walk away. I can’t afford that kind of cost. But, if you’re purchasing for a business or you can afford it, these systems seem to be a great investment. 

You can get misting systems for less, but they usually do not come with the pumps that can up the pressure enough to consider it a Turbo Cool system. Just the pump, if bought separately can cost anywhere from $1000 – $2000.  For special events, keep in mind that a lot of these distributors are willing to rent units. 

Though the companies offer professional installation for all of their products, DIY is always an option. Why? Because a lot of the distributors are located in areas such as Florida or Texas (hot and humid most of the year) – where they are most relevant. 

The companies offer phone support for those who are willing to purchase the units and install them on their own. If you hire your own contractor, usually electricians, plumbers, and sometimes air conditioning technicians can do this for you. So, as you can see, those costs will vary.

Is a Turbo Cooling System Right for You?

I don’t know. You need to take in a lot of factors before making a decision. Placement shouldn’t be an issue, since these systems are quite dynamic when it comes to placement. However, the price may be a factor.

I know a lot of outdoor venues and restaurants with outdoor spaces make good use of these systems – both the cooling and heating units. I would suggest shopping around and finding the system that fits your budget and making sure your contractor can deliver the installation you need for your particular outdoor living space. 

If this is not for you, perhaps you can find a better way of keeping your patio space cool on my article detailing all the different possibilities – Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Space & Examples of Each.

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