Garden Wildlife

Information on garden wildlife and what you should do about it.

Which Bird Feeder Should I Use in Winter?

Which Bird Feeder Should I Use for the Winter?

Winter brings its own complications to the realm of feeding birds. To overcome these issues, I’ve come up with a list of suggestions for specific bird feeders that might be a bit more winter-friendly.   The best bird feeders for winter are those made of metal or with a metal roof and possibly base, those that…

6 Myths About Birds in Winter

6 Myths About Birds in Winter – Let’s Get Real!

Every year I hear more and more people tell me what to do and what not to do when it comes to feeding birds during the winter.  The most common myths about birds in winter: Birds will freeze All birds fly south If you stop feeding birds, they will die Nut butter can kill birds…

Should you Feed Outdoor Birds in Winter?

Should You Feed Your Backyard Birds During Winter? (Answered)

You’ve seen them out there all puffed up like little colorful snowballs in the wintertime, looking for food and scraping by. But should you feed the birds that are hanging around your yard?  Because most birds need food during temperature extremes when their standard food supply is lacking or while on migration, it is helpful…

Can you have a hive in your Backyard?

Can You Have a Beehive in Your Backyard?

You know it’s a great thing to accomplish – making a home for bees, insects that are in danger all over the world due to climate changes, and the use of pesticides. Not only that, but if you have a garden or flowers of any kind, bees can help keep them pollinated and producing. But…

How to Introduce a Queen to Your Hive

How Should You Introduce a New Queen to Your Hive?

There are plenty of reasons for having to get a new queen for your beehive. The hive could be in decline because of an older queen, the queen may have died without a successor, or the queen may have swarmed and the successor wound up non-viable. So what to do?  Requeening is the act of…

How much for a Queen Bee?

How Much Does a Queen Bee Cost? (Answered)

Yes, I will tell you how much a Queen Bee costs. I know there are a lot of backyard apiarists in our region and if you’ve ever had the curiosity and wanted to help out with the bee population, maybe you should look into it.  A queen bee’s cost is directly influenced by the type…

Are Toads Harmful or Beneficial?

Are Toads Harmful or Beneficial to your Backyard? (Explained)

We’ve probably all heard them. Some of us have seen them. They come around every year as the weather becomes warm again, just like clockwork. What are they? Your friendly neighborhood toads.  Because toads are a natural form of pest control for insects, they are definitely beneficial to your backyard. Not only that, but their…

5 Tips to Keep Cats Out of Your Raised Garden

5 Ways to Keep Cats Out of Your Raised Garden Beds

Cats like raised beds because the soil is usually looser and warmer than the soil in the rest of the yard or even the rest of the garden. We keep our beds relatively bare with just the soil, so cats find this to their liking, using it as litter. They’ll also chew on fresh leaves…

What do Garden Lizards Eat?

What Do Garden Lizards Eat? (All You Need To Know)

You’ve seen them – scurrying up the back wall of your house, making you jump while weeding your garden, or sunning on the patio while you drink your afternoon tea. Every region has its own bunch of lizards, and I’ve seen bunches of them over my lifetime. But, I’ve always wondered, are they beneficial or…

How to Protect Your Garden From Pests

How Do I Protect Raised Garden Beds from Animals? (Answered)

This question’s answer depends upon if you’re protecting the top of your raised garden from common pests and grazers or the bottom from burrowers. If you’re like me, you don’t want to use anything that could harm your plants or render them unusable. You also would prefer not to find dead critters on your lawn….