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Articles providing tips and tricks on how to make the most of your backyard hot tub.

How Do You Winterize Outdoor Showers

How Do You Winterize Outdoor Showers? (Explained)

Outdoor showers can pop up pretty much anywhere. They’re usually prevalent in public places like pools, beaches, and campgrounds. They’ve become a common addition to private backyards, too. So, what do you do with your outdoor shower when winter comes around? To winterize your outdoor shower, take steps to drain the water from all its…

Troubleshooting Your Viking Hot Tub

Troubleshooting Your Viking Spa Hot Tub – The Basics

All hot tubs are different. Just like all computers or all phones are different. If you have a hot tub of a certain brand, usually their main operating systems and design are similar enough across all models for you to be able to troubleshoot some things based on those primary similarities.  Nothing is a substitute…

Viking Spa Review

Viking Spa Hot Tub Review – Everything You Need to Know

Viking Spas is a 3rd generation, family-owned, an American company. They started out by selling the first affordable portable round spa. Since then, they have followed a mantra of keeping things simple. Even today, they only sell 8 models.  I would definitely recommend the purchase of a Viking Spa brand hot tub if you’re looking…

Swim Spa vs Hot Tub

Swim Spa Vs Hot Tub: What’s the Difference?

Most people understand what a hot tub is and that it’s there for recreation and relaxation above all else. You can get in to relieve stress and to help with tired, achy muscles.  A swim spa, on the other hand, combines the perks of being able to swim and exercise in a small space with…

How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have?

How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have? (Beginner’s Guide)

Did you ever wonder why hot tub advertisements focus on the number of jets in a hot tub? I mean, if you are only one body, how many jets can possibly do you any good? It begs the question, how many jets should a hot tub have, and does it matter? Most small hot tubs…

How to Clean and Maintain a Hot Tub

How to Clean and Maintain a Hot Tub? (4 Great Tips)

Your hot tub is a very expensive investment and you want to be sure it lasts as long as possible. To that end, it’s imperative that you clean and maintain your hot tub appropriately and regularly.  To clean and maintain your hot tub correctly, be prepared to test its operation and water chemistry daily, shock…

How to Keep a Hot Tub Hot: Most Effective Tips

How to Keep a Hot Tub Hot: Most Effective Tips

Do you need to know how we keep our hot tub water hot and ready for a good dip all year round? Well, I have some tips for you.  There are several methods of heating your hot tub water and retaining the heat, including keeping the cover down, running the jets, leaving the power on,…

Should I Leave My Hot Tub On All The Time?

Should I Leave My Hot Tub on All the Time? (Explained)

We’re told that the best way to save money on our electricity bill is to cut something off. It’s drilled into us from a very early age. I remember my mother yelling at me when she would walk behind me cutting all of the lights off in my wake. But not all electrical devices are…

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Hot Tub? (Answered)

There are a lot of expenses that go into the operation of a hot tub. There are chemicals. There are filters and other equipment. But the most important expense for most homeowners to consider is the additional electricity they will need to budget for.  On average, the energy cost to run a large, permanent hot…

Should Hot Tub be placed on Specialty Patios?

Should You Place a Hot Tub on Specialty Patios? (Answered)

Regardless of age, a hot tub is a great investment, but you may wonder if your patio can hold a hot tub. Well, this article goes into whether specialty patios can hold a hot tub.

Best Bases for Hot Tubs

Best Bases for Hot Tubs: Things You Should Know

Before we chose our base for our hot tub, we did a bunch of research. This article talks about our findings and why we chose a concrete patio. Read on!