Backyard Spaces

To enjoy your backyard outdoor living space to its fullest, these articles provide information on projects that will boost the comfort and value of your outdoor space.

Gazebo vs Cabana - What's the Difference?

Gazebo Vs Cabana Compared – What’s the Difference?

In an earlier article, I compared a Pergola and a Gazebo. And I thought I was done. But a cabana has been brought up to my attention. Someone wanted to know what the difference is. And I plan on telling you.  Both gazebos and cabanas are structures made with solid roofs to offer protection from…

Before Choosing a Pea Gravel Patio

What You Should Know Before Choosing a Pea Gravel Patio

When I was growing up, I had an aunt who had a pea-gravel walkway through stacked natural stone planters that led to her house. It was a lovely design, a precursor but to me, also something more colorful than a planned concrete walkway. My mother and father made a patio beneath their yard swing out…

3 Things that Affect Value of Outdoor Projects

3 Things That Affect the Value of Outdoor Projects to a Home

Whether you’re just getting into your home or you’ve been there a while and know that you might want to sell the house in the future, homeowners like you and I tend to want to develop our backyard space. If you are building something from scratch or adding to an existing backyard, the temptation to…

Top 5 Backyard Projects to Boost Home Value

Top 5 Backyard Projects that Boost a Home’s Value

Lots of people want to add more to their backyard space. Whether they’re building something from scratch or adding to an existing backyard, the temptation to design and improve this space can be very persistent. But which projects are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck?  The 5 most popular improvements that…

5 Common Problems with Wood Decks

5 Most Common Problems With Wood Decks (With Tips)

Wood decks are the only way to go for a lot of homeowners. If your exit is too high above the ground, you can’t exactly build a concrete pad or use pavers for your outdoor living space. So, building a deck is a must. And unless you want to use high-end Polywood (wood made mostly…

Keeping Cool in Summer with a Gazebo or Pergola

Keeping You Cool in Summer with a Covered Pergola or Gazebo

If your patio doesn’t already have a built-in cover or roof, and you have the money and time to build a permanent or semi-permanent cover for your patio, a pergola or gazebo are good recommendations.  Pergolas and Gazebos are medium-cost, unattached structures that can provide cover for your outdoor living space. One usually has a…

Do Awnings Keep You Cool?

Do Awnings Keep You Cool? (Answered)

It may be obvious that awnings can help out when they’re over windows by blocking the sun’s rays from getting into those windows. But did you know they can also be helpful over your outdoor living space?   Using awnings of any kind to cover your outdoor living space can make the air feel 10° –…

Are Shade Sails a Good Choice for Keeping you Cool

Are Shade Sails A Good Choice For Keeping You Cool?

It’s pretty obvious that shade sails can provide much-needed shade for your outdoor living spaces during the heat of the day. They become very useful during the summer months. But they’re also much more dynamic than other methods of providing shade.   Shade Sails are a good choice for keeping your outdoor living space cool because…

Do Patio Umbrellas Cool Outdoor Spaces?

Do Patio Umbrellas Cool Outdoor Spaces? (With Examples)

When your time outdoors is being ruined by the heat and bright sunlight of the summer sun, perhaps it’s time to think of a cost-effective way to bring in some shade and cool everybody down. One very versatile method of doing this that won’t break the bank is buying a patio umbrella.  Patio umbrellas provide…

How to Clean Dog Urine from Concrete?

How Can I Clean Dog Urine from a Concrete Patio? (Answered)

Having a dog use your concrete patio as a urinal can be very frustrating. This article talks about ways to clean urine from concrete and how you can deter your dog from doing it again.

How to Clean Concrete with Pressure Washer

How To Clean Concrete With a Pressure Washer (Helpful Tips)

The quickest way to clean concrete is by using a pressure washer. This article covers why you should use a pressure washer for concrete and things to watch out for to prevent damage to your concrete.

Best Way to Clean Your Concrete Completely

The Best Ways to Clean Your Concrete Patio Completely

Cleaning your concrete patio is a subject that we all need to know more about. This article covers multiple ways to keep your concrete clean and looking good.