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Info and tips on what to look out for in designing your landscaping.

Landscape, Hardscape, and Softscape What are the Differences?

Landscape, Hardscape, and Softscape – What’s the Difference?

Hardscaping, landscaping, and softscaping are all ways of describing the features you add to your yard. But there are differences in each.  Hardscape is the hard, built structures within a landscape that contrasts with vegetation. Softscape makes up a landscape design’s horticultural, animate, and pliable parts. Both hardscape and softscape combined make up a landscape…

5 Simple to Stop Icicles from Forming on Gutters

5 Simple Methods to Stop Icicles from Forming on Gutters

When it comes to icicles, I have a love-hate relationship with them. They are beautiful and as an amateur photog, I love capturing them just right in the light of the sun. However, when they’re hanging from the Eaves of a house or from the gutters, they can be dangerous.  The five methods of stopping…

What Should I Know about Snowblowers?

What Should I Know About a Snow Blower? (Answered)

A good portion of us will never have to worry about snowblowers. I had no idea about them until I read up and did my research for this article.  If you’re ever going to need a snowblower, it’s helpful to know what they are, the basic types you might end up using, how they work,…

5 Tips for Sound Dampening Your Outdoor Space

5 Great Tips for Sound Dampening Your Outdoor Living Space

We have had our concrete patio poured and cured. The furniture and hot tub are being delivered piece by piece. We’ve decided to go with easy-to-assemble pergolas. I and the hubs walk outside and consider where to put everything when suddenly our peaceful moment is interrupted by the sound of the heat pump cutting on. …

How to Use Landscaping to Keep You Cool

How to Use Landscaping to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

It’s not just your outdoor living space that gets heated during the summer. Your entire home can go through a change that leads to higher energy bills and miserable conditions. One, very efficient method of cooling both your patio and your home is simply by using landscaping.  By using trees & shrubs to shade roofs…

Landscaping for Privacy: 4 Things You Should Know

Landscaping for Privacy: 4 Quick Things You Should Consider

If you want to use plants for privacy in your backyard outdoor living space then be sure to read these 4 things you should know before you decide.

What is a Landscape Designer? Are they Worth it?

What Are Landscape Designers? Is Hiring One Worth It? (For Beginners)

If the idea of figuring out what to do with your backyard outdoor space, then consider hiring a landscape designer. This article gives you the details on what to ask and look out for with a landscape designer.