Welcome to our backyard!

We are James and Rachel and this is Backyard Boosts, a site dedicated to showing you the best in backyard ideas, products, reviews, and more to help you boost your backyard lifestyle.

We recently went through the stress of selling our old house and purchasing a new one closer to the coast. A part of our criteria was that it needed to have a decent-sized backyard for our projects and for our dog JoJo.

James and Rachel
The Happy Couple

With us finally being empty nesters, it was a goal to create an outdoor space that we could enjoy with our friends and with each other. With our previous experience working on outdoor projects in our previous homes and also our friends’ homes, we started the planning and research into what we wanted our space to be and we decided that we wanted to take you along for the journey so that you can see how we set our outdoor space up and provide you with helpful research and advice so you can make your own project journey.

We hope that dragging you along on our projects will help to inspire you to step out into your backyard and start on those projects that will help boost your fun, boost your home’s value, and boost your relaxation.

Also, we are big music nerds and really enjoy finding unsigned or little-known musicians that we write about on our other blog untappedsound.com.