These articles will help you kill the chill in your backyard outdoor space.

In-ground vs above-ground fire pits

In-Ground Vs Above-Ground Fire Pits: How Are They Different?

Fire pits have become a must-have ever since we began living on our own property and have been able to make and share them. I grew up with bonfires on starlit nights roasting marshmallows and just getting lost in the stories or the crackling of the flames.  In my current home, we inherited a little…

Top 5 Backyard Projects to Boost Home Value

Top 5 Backyard Projects that Boost a Home’s Value

Lots of people want to add more to their backyard space. Whether they’re building something from scratch or adding to an existing backyard, the temptation to design and improve this space can be very persistent. But which projects are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck?  The 5 most popular improvements that…

Can You Cook on an Propane Fire Table

Can You Cook on a Propane Fire Table? (Answered)

If you have ever wondered if a propane fire table could work as a heater and cooker then this article has the answers for you. Read More!

How long do Fire Pits Last

How Long Do Propane Fire Pits Last? (Solved)

In the market for a propane fire pit and wondering how many years of use you have from it. This article dives into this and more. Read on!

Fire Pit vs Patio Heater: Which One is Better?

Fire Pit Table vs Patio Heater: 5 Tips to Help You Choose

For those who want an All-Season Outdoor Space, heating becomes important during the cold months. This article will help you decide which one you should get. Read on!

How Long Propane Lasts in Fire Tables

How Many Hours Does A Propane Tank Last on a Fire Table?

If you just got a new propane tank for your fire table and would like to have an idea of how long it’ll last, this article has everything you need to know.