These articles will help you kill the chill in your backyard outdoor space.

Removing Ice from Sidewalks

What Are Some Great Ways to Clear Ice From Your Walkway?

Ice does not often happen in North Carolina. So, when a freeze is forecasted in my area, I like to ensure my home will be accessible for my family and me. The last thing I want is for someone to slip on the ice outside my house.  The easiest way to prevent slips and falls…

What Are Creosote Logs, and Should I Use Them?

What Are Creosote Logs, and Should I Use Them?

If you’re new to using firewood, it’s easy to get confused about what creosote is, how it has been used, or how to get rid of it. Creosote logs are not made with creosote but are made to get rid of it. They are chimney-cleaning logs that can be burned with any fire. They release…

Can you use an outdoor pizza oven in winter?

Can You Use an Outdoor Pizza Oven in Winter? (Answered)

If you have an outdoor pizza oven, you know how much fun it is to use. Whether a wood-burning grill, a gas-powered grill, or a combination, pizza ovens are a great way to make delicious pizzas at home. But what if you live where temperatures drop below freezing in the winter? You can still use…

What is the Best Wood for Burning?

What is the Best Wood for Heating Outdoors? (Answered)

As someone who has had firepits at nearly every residence I’ve owned, I try to buy or find the best kind of firewood for those cool fall and winter nights when the family wants to enjoy the warmth of a firepit. But is there a single type of wood that works best for an outdoor…

5 Best Ways to Heat Your Patio in Winter

5 Best Ways to Heat Your Outdoor Space in Winter

Honestly, there are more than 5 ways to heat your outdoor living space in winter. However, I feel like all of these other methods kind of fit snugly into 5 categories and so we’ll be going over those 5 main categories.  In my opinion, the 5 best ways to heat yourself and your outdoor living…

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Function All Seasons

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Functional for ALL Seasons

I believe I’ve written a lot of articles covering improvements that you can make to your backyard living space over this past year. Making your living space work no matter what season you’re in can be a struggle. It all depends on what kind of person you are and what you need to make your…

In-ground vs above-ground fire pits

In-Ground Vs Above-Ground Fire Pits: How Are They Different?

Fire pits have become a must-have ever since we began living on our own property and have been able to make and share them. I grew up with bonfires on starlit nights roasting marshmallows and just getting lost in the stories or the crackling of the flames.  In my current home, we inherited a little…

Top 5 Backyard Projects to Boost Home Value

Top 5 Backyard Projects that Boost a Home’s Value

Lots of people want to add more to their backyard space. Whether they’re building something from scratch or adding to an existing backyard, the temptation to design and improve this space can be very persistent. But which projects are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck?  The 5 most popular improvements that…

Can You Cook on an Propane Fire Table

Can You Cook on a Propane Fire Table? (Answered)

If you have ever wondered if a propane fire table could work as a heater and cooker then this article has the answers for you. Read More!

How long do Fire Pits Last

How Long Do Propane Fire Pits Last? (Solved)

In the market for a propane fire pit and wondering how many years of use you have from it. This article dives into this and more. Read on!

Fire Pit vs Patio Heater: Which One is Better?

Fire Pit Table vs Patio Heater: 5 Tips to Help You Choose

For those who want an All-Season Outdoor Space, heating becomes important during the cold months. This article will help you decide which one you should get. Read on!

How Long Propane Lasts in Fire Tables

How Many Hours Does A Propane Tank Last on a Fire Table?

If you just got a new propane tank for your fire table and would like to have an idea of how long it’ll last, this article has everything you need to know.