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How to Clean and Reuse Coco Coir

How to Clean and Reuse Coco Coir (4 Great Tips)

Coconut coir, or the material processed from coconut husks that can be used as a substrate in gardening, is quite sustainable. Once processed, coconut coir can take a minimum of 20 years to decompose. If it’s not processed into pith, but left fibrous or in chip form, it can take even longer. So why take…

Is Coco Coir Good for Worms?

Is Coconut Coir Good For Worms? (Composting Guide)

Worm composting gives you a place to toss all those food scraps that you have leftover. The worms eat it, and it passes through the earthworm’s body to become compost. Worm compost is called vermicompost and is an often-used amendment to garden soil. So how can coconut coir possibly help?  Coconut coir is a preferred…

Great Uses for Coco Coir

8 Great Uses for Coconut Coir Substrate (User’s Guide)

This dynamic, sustainable material has been something I’ve researched for my own backyard boosting recently. I’ve been sharing my information with you on this website. But there are so many uses for it, that I wanted to add another article to showcase more.  Coconut coir has a lot of obvious agricultural applications, but those aren’t…

What is Coco Coir & Should I Use It?

What is Coconut Coir and Should I Be Using It? (Answered)

I’ve heard it called Coco Coir, Coconut Fiber, or even Coconut Peat. This fibrous material is often used as a substrate, a base, a material to mix into other materials to form a substrate. I see it a lot at co-ops and markets used for seedling cups and basket molds. So, what exactly is it? …

What Plants Grow Best With Coco Coir?

What Plants Grow Best with Coconut Coir? (Explained)

You would think since coconut coir is used for seedlings and mature plants that retain moisture  – it would be good for every plant out there. But honestly, it does have limitations. And when it comes to some popular plants, coco coir might not be the best option.  Coco Coir (coconut coir/coconut peat) is an…