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5 Best Ways to Heat Your Patio in Winter

5 Best Ways to Heat Your Outdoor Space in Winter

Honestly, there are more than 5 ways to heat your outdoor living space in winter. However, I feel like all of these other methods kind of fit snugly into 5 categories and so we’ll be going over those 5 main categories.  In my opinion, the 5 best ways to heat yourself and your outdoor living…

10 Ways You're Ruining Your Lawn

10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Lawn (Beginner’s Guide)

Homeowners often battle to maintain a green, healthy lawn for their home and there is a lot of information that is wrong. An example of this is the question: Does watering grass in the sun burn it? Watering your grass in the heat of the day under a bright sun will not burn it. The…

Best Materials for Raised Garden Beds

Best Materials to Build Raised Garden Beds (Helpful Guide)

The material you choose for your raised garden beds all depends on your budget and what materials you might have access to. In some cases, we just used what we have available, and that’s fine. But the question is, what are the best materials available for building your raised garden beds?  The best material for…

4 Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Space

4 Great Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Space (Beginner’s Guide)

Patios and well, really any outdoor living space is the prime location for everything from family get-togethers to hosted dinners, to simply enjoying the outdoor air while working on a paper. But I’m from the Southern United States, and summer days can get hot and steamy.  Before you let the hot temperatures drive you inside,…

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How to fix a garden shed floor

How to Fix Garden Shed Floor?

The floor of a garden shed is one of the most important parts of the building. It provides structural stability. If it’s damaged, it can be a safety hazard. You’ll want to repair a damaged floor as soon as possible.  Fixing a garden shed floor is straightforward. The time and effort will depend on what…

How many sheds can I have in my backyard?

How Many Sheds Can I Have in My Backyard?

There are plenty of reasons to have more than one shed in your yard.  How many sheds you can have in your backyard is determined by many variables, including zoning and HOA restrictions, the size of the sheds compared to the size of your yard, and city versus country living. Want to know more about…

Do Sheds Add Value to your Property?

Do Sheds Add Value to Your Property?

Sheds might seem insignificant to many homeowners, but there are a lot of advantages to having them on your property.  Sheds add value to your property if they are well-maintained, add to the aesthetic of the home, and are well-developed for their intended use.  So, how much and how do sheds add value to a…

Do Metal Sheds Get Hot?

Do Metal Sheds Get Hot? (Answered)

Metal sheds get hot because they are excellent conductors of heat and therefore absorb heat from the sun. The inside of an enclosed metal shed can get dangerously hot in the summer.   Why Do Metal Sheds Get Hot? Metal is a good conductor of heat and will transfer heat from one part of the shed…

Deck Skirting on a Budget

Deck Skirting – On a Budget

Deck skirting can run on the expensive side, but you can save money if you are okay with repurposing things you already have available or just taking a DIY approach.  Some things you can use for deck skirting are premade deck skirting, lattice, vertical boards, or plants. You decide based on what you have available…

Best plants for hay fever sufferers

Best Garden Plants for Hay Fever Sufferers

You can still garden if you are a hay fever sufferer. Usually, you want to try plants with small blooms that bloom infrequently. But there are some flowering and decorative plants that you can still plant and have around without worrying about how they will affect your allergies. I’ve researched a list of plants that…