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5 Best Ways to Heat Your Patio in Winter

5 Best Ways to Heat Your Outdoor Space in Winter

Honestly, there are more than 5 ways to heat your outdoor living space in winter. However, I feel like all of these other methods kind of fit snugly into 5 categories and so we’ll be going over those 5 main categories.  In my opinion, the 5 best ways to heat yourself and your outdoor living…

10 Ways You're Ruining Your Lawn

10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Lawn (Beginner’s Guide)

Homeowners often battle to maintain a green, healthy lawn for their home and there is a lot of information that is wrong. An example of this is the question: Does watering grass in the sun burn it? Watering your grass in the heat of the day under a bright sun will not burn it. The…

Best Materials for Raised Garden Beds

Best Materials to Build Raised Garden Beds (Helpful Guide)

The material you choose for your raised garden beds all depends on your budget and what materials you might have access to. In some cases, we just used what we have available, and that’s fine. But the question is, what are the best materials available for building your raised garden beds?  The best material for…

4 Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Space

4 Great Ways to Cool Your Outdoor Space (Beginner’s Guide)

Patios and well, really any outdoor living space is the prime location for everything from family get-togethers to hosted dinners, to simply enjoying the outdoor air while working on a paper. But I’m from the Southern United States, and summer days can get hot and steamy.  Before you let the hot temperatures drive you inside,…

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Troubleshooting Your Viking Hot Tub

Troubleshooting Your Viking Spa Hot Tub – The Basics

All hot tubs are different. Just like all computers or all phones are different. If you have a hot tub of a certain brand, usually their main operating systems and design are similar enough across all models for you to be able to troubleshoot some things based on those primary similarities.  Nothing is a substitute…

What is the Best Wood for Burning?

What is the Best Wood for Heating Outdoors? (Answered)

As someone who has had firepits at nearly every residence I’ve owned, I try to buy or find the best kind of firewood for those cool fall and winter nights when the family wants to enjoy the warmth of a firepit. But is there a single type of wood that works best for an outdoor…

5 Simple to Stop Icicles from Forming on Gutters

5 Simple Methods to Stop Icicles from Forming on Gutters

When it comes to icicles, I have a love-hate relationship with them. They are beautiful and as an amateur photog, I love capturing them just right in the light of the sun. However, when they’re hanging from the Eaves of a house or from the gutters, they can be dangerous.  The five methods of stopping…

What Should I Know about Snowblowers?

What Should I Know About a Snow Blower? (Answered)

A good portion of us will never have to worry about snowblowers. I had no idea about them until I read up and did my research for this article.  If you’re ever going to need a snowblower, it’s helpful to know what they are, the basic types you might end up using, how they work,…

Which Bird Feeder Should I Use in Winter?

Which Bird Feeder Should I Use for the Winter?

Winter brings its own complications to the realm of feeding birds. To overcome these issues, I’ve come up with a list of suggestions for specific bird feeders that might be a bit more winter-friendly.   The best bird feeders for winter are those made of metal or with a metal roof and possibly base, those that…

6 Myths About Birds in Winter

6 Myths About Birds in Winter – Let’s Get Real!

Every year I hear more and more people tell me what to do and what not to do when it comes to feeding birds during the winter.  The most common myths about birds in winter: Birds will freeze All birds fly south If you stop feeding birds, they will die Nut butter can kill birds…