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5 Things to consider before building a garden pond

5 Things to Consider Before Building a Garden Pond

Having a garden pond in your backyard can be both a relaxing addition to your outdoor living space and a hobby all rolled into one. However, there are things that you need to think about before preparing to install a garden pond.  Some important things to consider before building a pond are the permissions needed…

What Types of Wildlife are Attracted to Garden Ponds

What Types of Wildlife Are Attracted to Garden Ponds?

Any source of water is an invitation to wildlife. And that means both the wanted kind of wildlife and the unwanted kind of wildlife.  The thing about having a pond in the backyard is that it becomes a full ecosystem. You can expect to have insects of all kinds, lizards, snakes, mice & rats, frogs…

How can a pond benefit your vegetable garden?

How Can a Pond Benefit Your Vegetable Garden? (Explained)

When you have a garden for growing crops, vegetables, herbs, or well, anything, the world changes. You begin looking for beneficial additives and fertilizers everywhere you go. Scraps from the table? Will this benefit my garden? Leftover coffee grounds? Will this benefit my garden? Run-off water? Can I use that for my garden? Having a…

Should You Build a Backyard Pond

Should You Build a Backyard Pond? 6 Key Pros & Cons

Even though the addition of a garden pond didn’t make my listing of best backyard projects to increase the value of your home, it came close. Why? Because you can add a small garden pond for a relatively reasonable price tag and so long as the landscaping is done well, it can add a lot…

What can you do with an unwanted garden pond?

What Can You Do with an Unwanted Garden Pond? (Answered)

I have had the chance to enjoy a lovely backyard garden pond. I watched our koi grow, reproduce, and die. I watched our water lilies bloom for 2 years before the upkeep just became too much. I gave away the plants and instead of a water feature, by the time we sold out home, we…

What equipment is necessary for a garden pond?

What Equipment is Necessary for A Garden Pond? (Explained)

If you want to have a thriving garden pond, you need the foundation for that pond first. Before you add the pretty stone, the plants, or the fish, you need to consider these structures and also the mechanics that keep a pond clean and healthy.  What I would consider essential to your pond would not…

8 Best fish for Garden Ponds

8 Best Fish for Garden Ponds? (Beginner Fish Guide)

Every time I turn around, people are telling me that koi fish is the best fish to add to your garden pond. They’ve been used in man-made ponds for thousands of years. So, it begged the question – which really is the best fish for a garden pond? And are there fish that you should…

What kind of water to use in garden ponds

What Kind of Water to Use in Garden Ponds? (Things to Know)

One cannot simply use tap water and nothing else and expect their pond to flourish. What kind of additives go into your water depends upon what you want to grow in your garden pond and around it.  Water in a pond must be treated for chlorine and chloramine. Your garden pond water should be tested…

How to Use Landscaping to Keep You Cool

How to Use Landscaping to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

It’s not just your outdoor living space that gets heated during the summer. Your entire home can go through a change that leads to higher energy bills and miserable conditions. One, very efficient method of cooling both your patio and your home is simply by using landscaping.  By using trees & shrubs to shade roofs…

4 Best Privacy Plants for Outdoor Spaces

4 Best Privacy Plants for Outdoor Spaces (With Examples)

Privacy for your backyard living space is important and this articles covers the 4 best plants for your outdoor space privacy.

Landscaping for Privacy: 4 Things You Should Know

Landscaping for Privacy: 4 Quick Things You Should Consider

If you want to use plants for privacy in your backyard outdoor living space then be sure to read these 4 things you should know before you decide.

What is a Landscape Designer? Are they Worth it?

What Are Landscape Designers? Is Hiring One Worth It? (For Beginners)

If the idea of figuring out what to do with your backyard outdoor space, then consider hiring a landscape designer. This article gives you the details on what to ask and look out for with a landscape designer.