Raised Gardens

Gardening tips and tricks to help you utilize raised bed gardens.

Raised Garden Beds

Accessible Gardening for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Accessible gardening is a great way to be self-sufficient even if your mobility is hindered due to age or some other event. With it, you are able to get some much-needed sunlight, exercise, and fresh vegetables. Raised bed gardening is an excellent pastime for seniors and people who have mobility issues because it brings the…

What to Put on the Bottom of Raised Bed Gardens

What to Put on the Bottom of Raised Garden Beds? (Solved)

People have come to realize that gardening using raised beds can be much easier than traditional gardening. It provides the gardener with control over what’s in the soil, easier weeding, and the ability to garden even where there is hard soil.  But what should you use as the bottom base material in your raised garden…

3 Best Watering Systems for Raised Gardens

3 Best Watering Systems for Raised Gardens (#3 Is My Choice)

Some people don’t really have an issue with getting up daily or every other day during the growing season and watering their plants before the sun hits them. But some people have gardens large enough and schedules wild enough that a watering system is definitely needed.  There are 3 basic kinds of watering systems that…

What Soil to Use in Raised Bed Garden

What Kind of Soil to Use in a Raised Garden? (Starter Guide)

The kind of soil used in any garden can vary depending upon plants, region, and availability. But there tends to be a formula used most often.  The type of soil you need for your raised garden beds is usually a mix made up of 60% topsoil, 30% compost, and 10% potting soil (that contains perlite,…

7 Things to Know About Raised Bed Gardens

7 Things to Know About Raised Garden Beds (Starter Guide)

If using raised garden beds is the right choice for your gardening style, you may have some questions. Even if you’ve done your research, things come up.   If you do the proper planning and maintenance, your raised bed gardens will give you a great return on your investment of money and time.  In this article,…