What are the Best Outdoor Furniture Brands? A Simple Guide

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I’ve written about outdoor spaces, developed my own outdoor space, and helped others plan for their own. One thing for sure that you pick up along the way is knowing the quality and the economy of the furniture you choose. 

The best brands focus on quality, durability, versatility, and comfort. Brands such as Article, Polywood, Outer, Frontgate, Arhaus, and Harmonia Living are highly rated in each of these categories.

If you are looking for the best of the best for your outdoor furniture then continue reading.

Best of the Top Tier Brands

Article Furniture 

Article Furniture has a high to mid-range pricing on their furniture, most sofas come in around $1000 and a 2-pack of chairs are around the same. But these are with discounts. I only found two outdoor bundles on their website and two styles. However, this brand was recommended several times. 

I dug deeper. It seems that some of their indoor furniture is also appropriate for outdoor use, especially if you have a covered outdoor space. There were chairs as low as $59 listed. I think this is where a lot of people are reviewing the brand as having great prices. 

They also sell in bundles, including decorative pieces that all fit together, curated by their designers.  

They also sell direct, which helps with the cost. My caution would be to take care to understand what weight these pieces can hold and what weather and circumstances they can endure before buying.  


I first ran into the POLYWOOD brand in Bed, Bath, & Beyond stores. I never would have thought to find outdoor furniture at the store, and I realized after tripping on this listing online – that’s the only place to purchase this brand through BB&B. These sets are in the mid-range to high when it comes to pricing (full sets are around $1995 with larger dining sets nearing $3000). 

What makes the price worth it? POLYWOOD is made from recycled plastic and yet looks and feels like real wood, unlike wood, this material won’t splinter, crack, chip or rot. This comes with all-season weather resistance, UV inhibited pigments, and stain resistance. In other words, this stuff is virtually maintenance-free.  

Not only that, they make all kinds of furniture, not just outdoor. So, might have to look into more than just that – especially if you have kids or pets that do a job on furniture. If you purchase it through BB&B, you can always sign up for their specials and receive great coupons via email or text that can be used. 


This furniture is on the high end of the pricing spectrum. For example, the normal price of a sofa is around $3500. But this is a sustainable company that makes beautiful wicker furniture from recycled plastic. They also sell teakwood modular seating made from certified sustainable sources starting at around $1250. 

They have design help on their website and a decent selection of various furniture styles with limited colors to choose from. You can purchase pieces individually or in sets (sets can go for upwards of $7000). They come with memory foam cushions and water-resistant coverings. 


Frontgate specializes in modular seating styles and designs and I’d say they are mid-high range in pricing. They do carry sets as well as individual pieces ranging from $600 – $6000 give or take depending on how many pieces you get in your set. 

They not only make products, but they are also a retailer known for their connections to the hospitality industry, which means their furniture can hold up to the wear and tear of restaurant traffic. To that end, they offer a 10-year structural warranty. They also sell accessories and lighting. 


This furniture is on the high-end of the pricing spectrum. Most everything is over $1200. However, there is a reason for that. One person explained that these pieces are the kind of furniture that can be passed down from one generation to the next, it’s durable and well-designed. 

Arhaus has a bit of a motto, “furniture and décor should be sustainably sourced, lovingly made, and built to last.”  The furniture is designed and made by artisans all over the world with sustainably sourced materials. They have many styles and colors to choose from as well as furniture and accessories for all of your other needs. 

These cushions are made for getting lost in true comfort. I’m not sure how they hold up, but the reviews seem to be raving, even for places that use this furniture openly outside with no cover

Harmonia Living

On the high end of the pricing spectrum also comes Harmonia Living. They have chairs running around $1300 and sets in the $3000 – $7000 range. But that’s because they pride themselves on their designs as well as their materials. 

Much of HL’s catalog features steel, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Wicker, and Sunbrella fabrics. Their furnishings come in modular pieces that focus on modern, transitional design. They also carry a less-expensive powder-covered aluminum frame in some collections. 

These products are scratch-resistant, durable, and won’t fade in UV light. 

Best of the Mid-Tier Brands

I wanted to go over a few more options that kept popping up in my research as brands that not only I like, but others recommend. 


Who hasn’t heard of IKEA? There are furniture warehouses from this company popping up all over, and they specialize in shippable, DIY, put-together furniture. I found six outdoor collections with different designs and materials that you can keep together or mix and match. And these furnishings are on the LOW end of the pricing spectrum. You can pick up a chair for under $200. 

I personally vouch for IKEA products, as I have used them for furnishing hacks before. It’s all made of sturdy material and easy to put together. 

OW Lee

Want a different look from the normal teak, metal, or wicker? Why not try wrought iron? This is going to be more expensive than the other recommendations, but if you want this particular style and you want it well made, budget accordingly. For example, most of the loveseats are going for over $2000. You can, however, look for sets as low as $900-$1500. 

You can search via their website for certified online retailers and showrooms. These designs have been in the making since 1947 and are classic. 


This furniture tends toward the high end of the pricing spectrum with chairs for around $800 and sofas for $2100. However, this is a sustainably sourced teakwood brand. It’s completely weather resistant and relatively easy to care for. 

Though they specialize in teakwood, they do produce some wovens, aluminum, and stainless steel. They have signature powder coat finishes for their furniture and the company works with several world-famous designers to create the look you want. They have a 2-D/3-D planner on their website and a huge catalog. 


Hay has what I call middle-of-the-road pricing. For well-made product lines, it’s not bad. For example, durable outdoor furniture comes with prices that are around $295 per chair or $2695 for a full dining set. Sales are also available.

Their patio furniture is modern-designed powder-coated steel. They do not come with seat pads, so you’ll have to find those that suit you. Its form meets function and as the company states, this furniture is “strong without being bulky, elegant without being fragile.” 

Best Budget Brands

Need something a lot more affordable? I’ve got you covered. As outdoor furniture distributors go, I personally recommend looking through the catalogs and stores for the following companies. 

Cost Plus World Market

I am not sure they have a furniture product I don’t love – and they are very sturdy, too.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

They have a wide variety of outdoor furniture, especially their Allen & Roth collection.

Crate & Barrel

For the best deals, you will have to shop there on sale days. 


Amazon has reasonably priced furniture that can withstand outdoor living spaces and heavy people. 

Be sure to always do your background research, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with these distributors.  

Final Thoughts

Always look into warranties available, shipping costs, and what kind of materials you’re dealing with (the cost of cheaper low-quality material can add up when you have to treat it or wash it all of the time). Another big indicator of whether the furniture brand you’re looking at is right for you are the customer reviews. For our family, we also have to consider if the furniture is appropriate for heavier people.  

Really, the choice is yours, but keep in mind that this list is based on the best… not necessarily what you need. You really should take into consideration your budget and what utilization you’re really going for in your outdoor space before making a decision on which brand to purchase. 

I wound up with a mixture of furniture brands mostly found at Amazon and Lowe’s, though I plan on getting some POLYWOOD products. Only you know which furniture brand and style is right for you.  What’s important is that you are satisfied with what you have and enjoy it. 

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