Are Patio Mist Kits Worth It? (Explained)

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Are you fed up with the regular methods of cooling yourself off while outside? Are you not sure you should invest in those fancy misting systems you’ve seen in public parks? Do you think they’d be too expensive for your private use? Think again! 

Patio Mist Kits come in so many designs and prices that almost anyone can afford these systems. They help cool everyone off on those scorching days out in the backyard space. And they are so convenient to use that we highly recommend purchasing the right one for your outdoor living space.  

Want to know more about these nifty kits that can help you survive the heat, no matter what kind of heat it is? Just keep reading! 

What Types of Misting Kits Are on the Market? 

Fan Misters 

You can pick up a misting fan from your local big-box hardware store. They use water from a tank or straight from your hose to add water at low pressure through to the fan involved so that the mist can then move around a specific area. They use very little energy to bring the surrounding temperature down significantly in up to a 3000 square foot space. 

There are actually even misting kits you can place on your standing fans that can be a lot cheaper and just as effective. These are still going to be lower pressure, though, and any low-pressure mister may leave more moisture behind than other misters.

Low-Pressure Misters

Low-pressure misters usually run directly off of the faucet or nozzle that is connected to your home. Therefore, they don’t really get more power than 40–60psi (pounds per square inch). Unless you include these on a fan that dissipates the spray, it won’t be as effective as a higher-pressure misting kit. It will most likely also leave moisture on everything that hops into the mist. 

Mid-Pressure Misters

If you want a finer mist that cools an area more rapidly and leaves less moisture residue, then you’ll need to pay a bit more for a mid-pressure misting system. These systems boast 160–250psi water pressure. How do they manage it? They take the water from whatever source you use and then add more pressure via an electrical pump and proper tubing.

This method is going to cost a bit more upfront. You’re using more energy, but we’ve found that it’s definitely a worthy trade-out if you’re trying to cool a large space.

High-Pressure Misters

These are high-end systems that run at 750-1500psi. Honestly, these are mainly for commercial use and you’d need to hire someone to install this kind of system. I’m only mentioning it here to let you know there is another tier to these kits. I wouldn’t bother looking into these, the cost is just too much. 

How Much Do Misting Kits Cost on Average?

Add-on misting kits for a fan you already have can be as cheap as $20. The fans can be anywhere from $150 to $799 depending on how fancy and convenient you want the design. If you DIY, you can get a low-pressure system attached to your pergola or the roof of your deck for pretty cheap between $30–$75. 

Once you get into the mid-pressure systems, you’re looking to spend at least $300–$800, and those are just the systems. You still need to install it yourself or hire someone. 

The high-pressure misting pumps begin at $1000 on Amazon and I really feel like these should be reserved for commercial settings and installed professionally. 

Why Are Misting Kits So Convenient? 

Homeowners can usually install most misting systems. They are relatively inexpensive and low-pressure or fan systems are energy efficient. You’re not using extra electricity to power a pump. 

People use a misting system in their greenhouse or garden watering, not just as a cool-down mist for the patio. You can adjust the nozzles to either mist or drip for your greenhouse or for your gardens. These are very similar to drip systems I’ve written about before. 

Something many people don’t think about is the air-cleaning factor of fine mist. This is very handy for pollen-filled days. You might think you can’t go outside because of all the pollen, but you can run the misters for a while and it clears out the yellow cloud pretty quickly. 

I would assume that you should be careful of fabrics and furniture while using the mist kits. Keep very aware of any mold and mildew that collects. That means you may need to adjust to a finer mist or not run the misting kit for too long each time. 

It’s up to you…

I plan on using misting kits in my garden, anyway. So by the time we are ready to set something up for cooling, I should be pretty good at it. It seems fairly affordable and I know our hot seasons can be scorchers, so a cooling mist would be welcome when we want to use it. My issue is, I plan to use our outdoor living space to work. That means there will be electronics–so I’ll need a Plan B for keeping cool on those occasions. That being the case, we might forgo the trouble of installing misters for just fans. If you feel the same way and are maybe on the fence about using misting kits to cool your outdoor living space, look into other methods of cooling a patio. I’ve written an article about it, after all.

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