Who Makes the Best Outdoor Furniture Covers? (Answered)

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Outdoor furniture covers are a wise investment. You go into purchasing outdoor furniture with the idea that it’ll be there for you and your family for years to come. And if you wind up selling the house, you want that furniture to look good and add to the value – whether that be in staging the property or in allowing the buyers to have the furniture with the sale.

That aside, when you love your outdoor space as much as I do, you definitely want to protect that furniture (especially if you choose brands that cost as much as indoor furniture costs) with a durable outdoor furniture cover. 

According to my sources, Duck Covers, UltCover, Vailge, and Classic Accessories make the best outdoor coverings available for protecting your outdoor space. The good news is, you can find these brands virtually anywhere outdoor products are sold. 

Now, before we hop into outdoor furniture covers, keep in mind that there are several factors involved in making these decisions: fit, durability, quality of construction, and budget.  I’ve written an article about these things, in this article. Let me help you with your choices for outdoor furniture covers by giving you, not only advice but some products to look at. 

To save you some time I have compiled some of my picks from the top brands. These can all be found on Amazon through this link.

What Are The Best Outdoor Furniture Cover Brands?

I’ve compiled these from users all over the internet who gave the time to leave reviews and then compared those to the opinions of several outdoor e-magazines (Outdoor Elegance, Patio Productions, Gadget Review, The Spruce, HGTV, Don’t Waste Your Money, Backyard Pros, Garden Gate, and Bob Vila). 

Most of these products can be found in big-box stores as well as online. They come in with low price tags, too – from the mid $30s to maybe $70 depending upon how large the furniture is that you are trying to cover. 

Classic Accessories 

Classic Accessories makes most of its collections out of Woven Polyester PVC which they certify as being waterproof both inside and outside. They get bonus points for their taped-in seam construction, too.

Their Gadelle Fabric System that consumers swear by most – as it’s not just water repellant, it is supposed to be mildew resistant as well. They have padded handles for your comfort near the air vents that keep airflow and push away mildew. 

Unfortunately, they come in a one-size-fits-most standardized size that often will not cover the legs of furniture.  However, they try to make up for it by having a lower waterproof skirt on most outdoor furniture covers. 

Duck Covers

Though they are one of the most recommended covers out there, the Duck Covers are made from less-heavy nylon fabric that is waterproof, but if you experience heavy snow, this cover might not be your best option.

It does have air-tight sealed seams, which is nice, adding to the waterproofing. Depending upon the product you might get UV stability or UV protection or none of the above, so be sure to take a look at the fine print on your product listing. I’d wager this product was made more for damp climates than anything arid or cold. These do have air vents. It comes with buckle straps for securing it to furniture. 


Most of Vailge’s best coverings are made with 600D oxford fabric that has a UV-stabilizer and water-resistant coating. The fabric is also abrasion-resistant. Most have adjustable hem cord closures to keep the furniture covered tightly. There are ventilation areas on the sides and padded handles to make using the covers easily.

This cover company seems to focus on just seating and short coffee/conversation table coverings, and not larger table coverings. 


Most of the ULTCOVER covers are made with heavy-duty 600D polyester canvas with a waterproof backing. It also protects from UV rays and is scratch-proof. In other words, it is very dependable. They feature a vent on each side for good airflow. A bonus – this brand offers a three-year warranty. 

A lot of ULTCOVER products are made large enough to encompass both rectangular and oval settings and when it comes to a table set-up, it will cover the entire set. There are heavy-duty straps, plastic clips, and elasticized drawcords to fasten. You will have to tape the seams to get it completely water-tight, though. 

What are the Best Types of Covers for Your Outdoor Cushions?

Also, don’t forget your cushions. You may be like me and have separate storage space for them, but these companies do also make cushion storage bins as well. So if you want to store them in a cover bag while they aren’t being used, that’s available. They all have handles and come in various sizes (usually square or rectangle). 

You can go light on the budget with polyethylene materials, but it doesn’t cost much more to go for heavy-duty oxford fabric with waterproof PVC coating.

I use this because I store my Christmas tree and all of my ornaments in this. I do not want anything to be gone through or destroyed before we use it again the next year. I also got a bag with wheels for this particular mission. For carrying lighter loads like cushions, you may just want the straps. 

In Closing

Your outdoor space is made for relaxing, not for worrying about your furniture. You have to be careful of the cushions, wood cracks & rots, metal rusts, plastics can dry rot, colors fade… so you want to provide as much protection to your furniture as possible.  Choosing the proper patio cover may seem inconsequential, but it can definitely extend the life of your furniture and give you one less reason to worry. 

I hope this listing helps or at least gives you a good starting place from which to find the covers you need.

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