Should I Get a High-Velocity Fan for My Outdoor Living Space?

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There are plenty of ways to keep cool in the hot summer heat while also enjoying your outdoor living space. But what if you wanted a way to keep your patio cool that is portable? 

High-velocity fans are not only more efficient than other fans at cooling off an outdoor living space, they are portable by design and more durable. You can also find these types of fans for prices that won’t break the bank.   

Let’s look at the benefits of getting a high-velocity fan for your outdoor space. 

High-Velocity Fans Are More Efficient at Cooling an Area

They work best in large spaces because they tend to be loud and, well, powerful. They’re not made to just push air in a space but to project the air for long distances, like down lines of sports players or assembly lines in factories. These larger fans often take the place of air conditioning. 

However, companies have been making smaller versions of these fans that you can use in a more compact area as well. These kinds of high-velocity fans are usually more efficient at cooling an area than a regular ceiling fan. 

High-velocity ceiling fans run at higher RPMs (rotations per minute) than ceiling fans. That means they can cool an area more efficiently. The speed allowed for a ceiling fan depends on the blade span. That is not a limitation for high-velocity fans. Ceiling fans run at most 500 RPM. High-velocity fans run at RPM speeds in the 1000s.

High-Velocity Fans Are More Durable Than Most Fans

Why are they more durable? Well, high-velocity fans have metal blades and ball-bearing motors. This gives them industrial strength and helps them last longer. 

High-Velocity Fans Are Portable

They are portable, sure, but they are often not a piece that anyone would consider decorative at all. I suppose that would be a trade-off if I weren’t a practical person. If I’m going to hang a ceiling fan, I’ll need to get the wiring placed and then worry about installing it correctly in my outdoor space. 

I’d rather just have a fan there and ready without all of that fuss. Sure, it may not be as decorative, but it would definitely be more practical. You can mount high-velocity fans on the wall, leave them on the floor, or you can find some pedestal models. A lot of the floor models even have wheels and casters, so you can move them from place to place. 

Being portable means I can take it with me. I just need a power cord long enough. And I can find those. If I’m working in my garden, I can have it there. If we need it for an outdoor event, I can take it. If we’re at a sporting event and the athletes need a cool-off area, a high-velocity fan can be your friend. 

Does This Mean That High-Velocity Fans Are Better Than Ceiling Fans?

It depends on what you’re going for. If you prefer practical things, like I do, sure. But I also like touches of elegance and design. A fashionable ceiling fan mounted appropriately above my outdoor living space can provide that. A high-velocity fan cannot provide the same aesthetic. 

Now, if you’re going for an industrial or fun look in your spaces, a metal high-velocity fan mounted to a pergola or sidewall can fit into the aesthetic pretty well. And that means you have the best of both worlds. 

Not only would they fit an aesthetic design, but if you choose to keep them more portable, you can place the fan where it’s needed most. If it’s where you’re seated on your patio, great. If you’ve set up an outdoor kitchen and need to push the heat from the area while bringing in a breeze, just shift it around to the proper place. 

Are High-Velocity Fans Energy Efficient?

Not really. These types of fans push more air to a greater distance. That costs energy. The best thing to do when looking into a fan like this is to decide where you want to use it and not to go overboard by getting a fan that’s too powerful for your needs. 

Compared to air conditioning or a turbo cool system, this is hands down the cheapest energy bill of all of them.

To Sum It Up

After looking at all the other options available to me for cooling my outdoor living space, I keep coming back to this one. It’s more energy-efficient and cheaper up-front cost than turbo cool systems. It’s less hassle than installing an actual ceiling fan or misting system.

I believe we’ll be using this besides our choice of a pergola and retractable weather-resistant shade. But you need to do what best suits your situation, your need for style, and your budget. If you want more suggestions, look into my other article about keeping your outdoor living space cool!

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